Ndali Vanilla 40 Pod Powder - equivalent to 40 vanilla beans 92g


  • Vanilla beans milled to a fine vanilla powder, bursting with vanilla seeds
  • Ideal for juices, smoothies, mueslis, raw chocolate and eat-clean living, it is the most versatile and potent way to use pure vanilla
  • Notes of smokey dates, honey, musk & butterscotch
  • Endorsed by UK chef-restauranteurs Jason Atherton and Mark Hix
  • Cured & milled in small artisanal batches on Ndali Estate in Uganda


  • Add vanilla powder to smoothies, juices, homemade muesli and almond milk
  • Use in recipes for scones, waffles, biscuits, cakes & ice cream
  • Put a pinch in salt & sprinkle over fried mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, or salt the rim of a cocktail glass
  • Add to sugar, whipped cream, dressings, sauces & homemade yoghurt
  • Sprinkle in drop scone mixes, poached pears, stewed fruit, jams, fruit crumbles and coulis


Ndali Vanilla 40 Powder is ‘everything vanilla bean’ – skin, seeds, fleshy pulp – finely milled. Forty milled vanilla beans in one packet. It is the most versatile and potent way to use pure vanilla, giving the wonderful visual effects of the seeds, unlike with most vanilla extracts, yet it’s 100% pure: no sugar, no gum, no carrier, no fibre.  Because of this (no alcohol, no sticky paste) its gathered an underground following among juicers, smoothie fanatics and healthfood lovers as a vibrant, warm, umami kitchen-cupboard essential.

Chefs Love the Taste...

‘Ndali Vanilla Powder... its flavour, aroma and texture are exceptional, and it’s a joy to work with. Jason Atherton, food writer, chef & restauranteur 

‘I really liked the powdered vanilla... it does taste different to me – warmer, spicier, somehow. Delicious.’ Xanthe Clay, food columnist for the Daily Telegraph Weekend

 ... and its Versatility

 ‘Loved Ndali Vanilla powder – made panna cotta using it as well as custard and found it easy to use, very strong in flavour and less faff than using a whole pod.’ Ravinder Bhogal, food writer, journalist & TV personality


It’s more concentrated than average gourmet beans because the beans have to be dried down to a much lower moisture content to make the vanilla powder. Since it is a dry product, the notes are more subdued: earthy, peppery – but burst out when added to food: honey, butterscotch, musk and smokey dates.

Why Mill Vanilla Beans?

Much of the flavour of the vanilla bean is in the skin, not in the seeds alone. When using a whole bean it can be hard to capitalise on this – eg in smoothies, juices, mueslis and icings; and even in porridge or panna cottas where the bean doesn’t get long to infuse versus a slow-baked fruit crumble. 


  • 1tsp = 1 extra strong vanilla pod
  • Use ¼ - 1tsp of vanilla powder in any recipe requiring vanilla beans, extract or flavour
  • When using at low temperatures or uncooked (eg its great in icings), beware of using too much
  • If using in custard, use only a small pinch, otherwise the strength of the vanilla powder rounds over and masks the subtly and depth of the dairy and egg, and the custard will loose its bright yellow; for a yellow custard you may prefer to use whole beans or extract
  • Handy hint: a pinch works fantastically well to give a warm lift to juices and smoothies


Dimensions: 25cm x 14cm

Package information: resealable plastic doy pouch

Allergen advice: dairy free, gluten free, egg free, peanut free, soy free

Storage advice: store in a dark dry place and away from direct heat; do not refrigerate