Sadhguru School, Uganda, nestled on Ndali, is the flowering of a small group of local volunteers with a strong desire to offer what they have to enhance lives and the environment around them


Sadhguru School was founded in 2017 for the children of farming communities, to ignite the delicate potential that rarely has opportunity to flower in the overcrowded and underfunded schools available to the majority of Ugandan farmers. Many of the children of Ndali Vanilla's team attend Sadhguru School.

Through a holistic programme of studies, Sadhguru School offers daily yoga alongside Montessori and Cambridge curricula, balancing creative and academic inspiration with enhanced mind/body coordination and inner wellbeing, allowing each child to follow their heart.

Long-term Vision

Sadhguru School students are being offered tools to become anything they want in life; pioneers to make a positive change in their rural surroundings.

An inspired education is key to the sustainable long-term social, economic & creative wellbeing of rural communities in Africa.

The dedication, commitment and exuberance of the whole Sadhguru School team, working as a family to make it happen, is the biggest honour for Ndali to be a part of, leaving us at a loss for words.

Here's a refreshing read on the method and impact of the school from one of them:

Ndali Vanilla has joined hands with a team of inspired individuals and companies to ensure the school endures as a transformative hub for generations to come.

We deeply appreciate your vanilla purchases which have been the basis of the school's inception, and which will continue to support the school.